Phone, Text, Email Alerts

The City of San Marcos uses a mass notification phone, text and email system provided through our partnership with the Capital Area Council of Governments (CAPCOG) to notify citizens of both emergency and general information. The system was named Warn Central Texas by CAPCOG, and is used by many other central Texas communities for both emergency and non-emergency messaging.

Emergency Messages

Registering with WarnCentralTexas allows the City to directly contact residents by phone, text or email during a disaster or public safety event. The City can quickly give specific directions that affect specific neighborhoods such as evacuation orders and directions to shelters.

General Messages

The City of San Marcos also uses the system for non-emergency messages for events such as major street closures, election information and some community meetings and other items of community interest.


Residents must register cellphone numbers and email addresses to get alerts sent to their mobile devices, but CAPCOG has already registered landline phones. Register at WarnCentralTexas. If you can't register on the website, call 866-939-0911.

Manage Subscription

Residents can manage their subscription by logging in to the system. Contact information and types of messages received can be updated, and residents can opt out at any time. Log in to the system by visiting the WarnCentralTexas page. Click on register then log in at the top right side of Code Red Login Page. The login is typically an email address, but those who experience difficulty can call 866-939-0911.