Creating Code SMTX

  1. Joint Workshops - January 30 & February 8, 2017

    Joint Workshops - January 30 & February 8, 2017

    The Planning and Development Services Department hosted 2 Joint City Council and Planning Commission Workshops on January 30, 2017 and February 8, 2017 from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. in Room 3 at the Activity Center.

  2. Public Draft Open House - June 2016

    Public Draft Open House - June 2016

    The improved Public Review Draft Code was released in May of 2016. An Open House event provided residents with details and the Code document was available online for review and comment. Over 1000 comments were received from residents via our online commenting system, Open Comment, as well as by email, open house events, surveys, etc.

  3. Virtual Open House - November 2015

    Virtual Open House - November 2015

    The Code SMTX team invites you to take part in our Virtual Open House and survey to give your feedback on the proposed Code SMTX strategies and to learn more about the process.

  4. CodeSMTX Think Tank

    CodeSMTX Think Tank

    Throughout the process, a nine-member citizen committee, the Think Tank, provided input, encouraged engagement and served as a sounding board for testing ideas. Extensive public involvement in 2014-2015 provided the foundational strategies for a working draft of the new Code released in 2015. These strategies were reviewed in public workshops and during the Think Tank’s “Issues Exploration” process to ensure strategies advanced to goals of Vision San Marcos, met the needs of residents and stakeholders, and fixed problems with the old Code.

  5. Zoning for Character Workshop - August 2015

    Zoning for Character Workshop - August 2015

    Zoning for Character Workshops examined the regulatory framework proposed for the six “Intensity Zones” established in the Comprehensive Plan which will re-direct large multi-family developments away from existing neighborhoods and into more appropriate areas. These well-planned areas help accommodate the City's growing population and enable people to meet their daily needs within a short walk, bike, transit trip, or drive.

  6. Neighborhood Workshops

    Neighborhood Workshops

    We held Neighborhood Workshops to gather even more specific information about the kinds of solutions and strategies residents felt would foster high quality of life and a sustainable and vibrant San Marcos, now and in the future

  7. Environmental Workshops - March 2015

    Environmental Workshops - March 2015

    We held Environment Workshops to gather information about preserving the San Marcos River, water quality,and a sustainable and vibrant San Marcos.

  8. Code Rodeo

    Code Rodeo

    The Code Rodeo kick-off engaged hundreds of residents in generating creative solutions for high-priority issues such as protecting and enhancing neighborhoods, preserving water quality, supporting a balanced transportation network and creating thriving centers for new development.