Moving Forward

The Revised Draft Code was released in January of 2017. This Revised Draft Code represents three years of public input and a robust, iterative conversation between the City and the community on how to realize the goals of Vision San Marcos. The City Council and Planning Commission are now taking that conversation forward through their formal process of review, recommendations and consideration for approval.

  1. Revised Draft Code

    Thanks to all of the great work by our community leaders, Think Tank members, citizens and groups who provided comments on the public draft, we now have a Revised Draft of Code SMTX.

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  2. Joint Work Sessions

    Members of the City Council and Planning and Zoning Commission are meeting to discuss the major topics that received the most attention and public comments during the review of the Public Draft Code.

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  3. Code SMTX Amendments

    Proposed amendments represent the analysis and input received from the Planning and Zoning Commission and City Council during two Joint Workshops and eleven Work Sessions held over the last several months. Direction on these amendments will lead to the production of a final draft of Code SMTX, the City’s new land development code.

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