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SMRAS monthly stats and reports

At Animal Services, we are committed to transparency and accountability in our efforts. In the spirit of that commitment, we share our recent Annual Reports, State Facility Inspections, and other helpful information. Please feel free to email us with any questions you may have.

The Live Outcome Rates shown below are for cats and dogs only, and calculated two ways: 

  • Asilomar Accords Formula: (Live Outcomes) divided by (All Outcomes minus unhealthy/untreatable, owner- requested euthanasia, and died/lost in care)
  • Standard Formula: (Live Outcomes) divided by (All Outcomes)

Monthly Statistics and Reports

Fiscal Year 2022:

April 2022 -          Animal Services Monthly Statistics


March 2022 -       Animal Services Monthly Statistics

                             -Display and Quarter 2 Summary

February 2022 -   Animal Services Monthly Statistics


January 2022 -    Animal Services Monthly Statistics


December 2021 - Animal Services Monthly Statistics 

                            -Display and Quarter 1 Summary

November 2021 - Animal Services Monthly Statistics


October 2021     - Animal Services Monthly Statistics


Fiscal Year 2021:

Annual Statistics Reports

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