Residential Curbside Services

Residential Curbside Services
  1. recycle
  2. green waste
  3. garbage
  4. bulk pick up

Recycling Service Information

  • TDS recycling carts have a tan lid
  • All Material should be loose in the cart, not bagged.
  • Do not overload your cart; the lid should be closed.
  • If you have extra recycling, place materials in a small cardboard box by the cart (up to 3 boxes)
    • TDS policy states that boxes must be small enough to fit inside the cart for service. 
  • Empty and Rinse containers; no food or liquids.
  • Flatten boxes to maximize capacity
  • Serviced every other week depending on your service route. 

Glass, metal, cartons, paper, plastic 1-7

Other Service Information & Tips

  • Carts are serviced 6 a.m.-7 p.m.
  • The arrows on the cart lids should point toward the street
  • Place carts 3 ft. apart in an area clear of obstacles (mailboxes, parked vehicles, trees, utility lines, etc.)
  • Do not block pedestrian or vehicle traffic
  • Return carts to your house or behind a fence by 9 p.m. on your service day
  • If you have a service issue notify the Resource Recovery Office within 24 hours


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Community clean up: 2nd Saturday of April, May, September, and October.