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Communications Application Process

Thank you for your interest in the San Marcos Police Department! Our Telecommunications Operators (TCOs) are an integral part of Public Safety in the City of San Marcos, so our hiring process is more extensive than for many other civilian positions.

Texas Commission on Law Enforcement TCOLE is a regulatory State agency that establishes and enforces standards to ensure the people of Texas are served by highly trained and ethical law enforcement, corrections, and telecommunications personnel. In the state of Texas, 9-1-1 Telecommunicators are recognized as first responders and must obtain a TCOLE Telecommunicator License through TCOLE when employed as a Telecommunicator and performing Telecommunicating duties. Agencies in Texas must confirm applicant qualifies to obtain a Telecommunicator License through TCOLE prior to employment. TCOLE Licensing requirements and disqualifiers are separate and in addition to agency specific requirements and disqualifiers. Please review the below two links before beginning the hiring process steps.
SMPD TCO Employment Disqualifier
TCOLE Minimum Standards 

Hiring Process Steps

Each step must be successfully completed in order to progress to the next:

  1. Application: Please click here to check our jobs page
  2. Information Session
  3. Critical Computer Testing
  4. Formal Interview with Oral Board
  5. Background Investigation
    • PHS (Personal History Statement Packet)
    • PHS Assigned to Investigator to Work Through Personal and Work History
    • Polygraph Packet and Exam
    • Conditional Offer of Employment
    • Psychological Packet and Exam
    • Medical and Drug Screening
  6. Start Date Determined
For TCO Grade/Pay Scale and Benefits "click here".
  1. Alfred "Freddy" Marmolejo

    911 Communications Manager
    Phone: 512-753-2181