Composting Classes
​Learn from compost specialist, Conrad Chappell, on how to compost at home! Turn table scraps into healthy fertilizer for beautiful plants in your home or garden! Are you interested in growing healthy vegetables, herbs and flowers for your kitchen? Compost is the key and now you can have your own free supply at home! Conrad will walk you through the ins and outs of proper composting techniques. Take a field trip with him to the Bobcat Blend Facilities to see what composting looks like on a grand scale! This multi-day class will be held on March 19, 21, 24, 26 and 28. Register by emailing Amy Kirwin at ​

Monarch Conservation with the National Wildlife Federation
​Join a representative of the National Wildlife Federation for a Monarch Talk! Rebecca Quiñonez-Perez is a Monarch Expert and she is ready to share with us the importance of pollinators like the iconic monarch butterfly! Did you know that monarch butterflies have been on the threatened species list since 2014? Learn why and what is being done to help them make a comeback! Learn what monarchs experience as they transform and migrate across continents year after year. Register here.​

Tree 101
​Join our city arborist, Kelly Eby, in a crash course on tree care! She will share insight on what trees need to provide beauty to your home for years to come! Learn how to:
​•Properly plant a young tree
​•Prune Trees for shape and safety
•Pest Management
​•Common Tree Problems & Solutions
​ Don't miss this opportunity to learn everything you want to know about trees in Trees 101! Register here.