Department Directory

  1. Bob Klett

    Assistant Chief of Administration

  2. Brandon Winkenwerder

    Assistant Chief of Operations

  3. Kelly Bomersbach

    Criminal Investigations Commander

  4. Lee Leonard

    Administration Commander

  5. Erik Spriegel

    Day Watch Patrol Commander

  6. Christopher Tureaud

    Night Watch Patrol Commander

  7. Brenda Pisana

    Senior Administrative Assistant

  8. Audry Verver

    Support Services Manager

  1. Kye Kennedy

    Days A Platoon Sergeant

  2. Tiffany Williams

    Eves B Platoon Sergeant

  3. Carl Spriegel

    Days Support Services Sergeant

  4. Sam Myers

    Night Support Services Sergeant

  5. Danny Castillo

    Traffic Enforcement Officer

  6. Dan Royston

    Days B Platoon Sergeant

  7. Candace Elrod

    Eves A Platoon Sergeant

  8. Ryan Hartman

    Mids A Platoon Sergeant

  9. Regina Ruiz

    Parking Enforcement Supervisor

  10. Ed Bradshaw

    Traffic Enforcement Officer

  11. Sheila Schuetz

    Senior Administrative Assistant

  12. Daniel Crook

    Downtown Unit Corporal

  13. John Cope

    Downtown Unit Officer

  14. Don Lee

    Mental Health Unit Corporal

  15. Andrew Sparenberg

    Mids B Platoon Sergeant

  1. Kelly Bomersbach

    Criminal Investigations Commander

  2. Chris Tankersley

    Crimes Against Persons Sergeant

  3. Roya Williamson

    Victim Services Coordinator

  4. Robert Elrod

    Persons Crimes Detective

  5. Tracy Engler

    Evidence/Property Room Supervisor

  6. Angelica Taylor

    Administrative Assistant

  7. Phil Jackson

    Property Crimes Sergeant

  1. Rich Mizanin

    Community Services Sergeant

  2. Laray Taylor

    Community Services Corporal

  3. Jesse Saavedra

    Community Services Corporal

  4. Charlotte Lund

    Volunteer Coordinator

  5. Richard Prado

    Juvenile Investigations Detective