About the Project

This project will continue construction of a biofiltration pond including final grading, underdrain pipe installation with outfall, biofiltration media, overflow spillway, inlet and exit armoring, sodding, tree installation, and landscaping. 

The pond was excavated during the expansion of the Recreation Hall parking lot but was placed on hold in order to revise the design and provide increased water quality treatment capacity for off-site runoff. 

This project, as well as the Hutchison Biofiltration Pond, were identified in the Water Quality Protection Plan as a regional water quality facility. This type of development within the Urban Stormwater Management District, allows the developer to pay a fee in lieu of providing water quality BMP’s. The monies are then used to fund facilities such as these. The Edwards Aquifer Authority is also a funding source for this project, and will contribute $100,000.00 for construction.