Housing Task Force


The purpose of the workforce housing task force is to assist the City Council's Committee in developing a strategic action plan aimed at addressing the continuum of housing needs in San Marcos.  The task force will work in tandem with City Staff, and local stakeholders through a policy-making framework grounded in data and best practices to develop a recommended action plan.  

Policy recommendations are expected in the fall of 2019 and will be considered for implementation by the Council Committee and eventually the full City Council and public at large.  The task force will meet a minimum of once every three months.  Meetings are open to the public and community input sessions will be scheduled in the future.

Task Force Goals

  • Expand Opportunities for Housing
  • Preserve and Enhance Existing Housing Stock
  • Leverage Community and Regional Partners
  • Quantify and Meet the Housing Needs of Current and Future Residents

Documents and Deliverables

San Marcos Housing Needs Assessment - Include your comments or suggestions as part of this interactive document.

City Council Committee

  • Lisa Prewitt, Place 1
  • Melissa Derrick, Place 6
  • Saul Gonzales, Place 2

Meeting Materials

December 13, 2018; 12pm - 2pm; (Regular Task Force Meeting)

Working Group - Preventing Displacement

Working Group - Facilitating New Housing

June 13, 2019; 12pm - 2pm

September 12, 2019; 12pm - 2pm

Task Force Members

  • Chair: Laura Dupont, Corridor Title
  • Vice Chair: Gloria Salazar, El Centro
  • Ramika Adams, Calaboose Museum
  • Melissa Nicewarner Daly, HomeAid
  • Andrew Fernandez, SMCISD
  • Dr. Thomas Longoria, Texas State
  • Ruben Garza, Southside
  • Will Holder, Ret. Trendmaker Homes
  • Michael Nolen, McNabb & Co.
  • Ryan Pearl, Amazon
  • Roland Saucedo, Neighborhood Representative
  • John Schawe, Frost Bank
  • Jack Seaborne, Seaborne Architects
  • Albert Sierra, SM Housing Authority
  • Dr. Chris Smith, Texas State
  • Caitlyn Strickland, Hays County
  • Scott Turner, Brookfield
  • Dr. Monica Valadez, SMCISD
  • Robert Watts, Habitat for Humanity