All Fall 2020 workshops will be virtual. Resister at Below is the schedule:

Organic Vegetable Gardening - 9/30, 6 PM

Join Alex at the Discovery Center to learn the ins and outs of growing vegetables and herbs in the fall. Gain valuable insight, tricks, and tips on protecting your garden from the cold and when to harvest for cold tolerant vegetables and herbs. Also learn about organic pest control basics. 

Wildflower & Pollinator Garden - 10/07, 6 PM

The beautiful array of central Texas wildflowers we look forward to seeing every spring actually begin their germination process in the fall! Come learn about planting wildflowers in your own home landscape. We will also be discussing pollinator gardens and the best plant populations to bring these incredibly important and hard working visitors to your own garden spaces!!

Sustainable Landscape Design - 10/14, 6pm

Learn about the various types of methods that you can implement at your home to develop landscapes that are sustainable and functional. A properly designed sustainable landscapes should be beautiful and eco-friendly while saving resources and requiring minimal maintenance. They help keep water on your property, reduce localized flooding, reduce stormwater pollutants, conserve water, and even attract pollinator insects. This is a general introduction to rainwater harvesting, rain gardens, permeable surfaces, and native plants.

Compost 101 - 10/28, 6 PM

Want to learn how to combine yard waste and kitchen scraps to create valuable compost? Regularly adding compost to your garden or yard builds soil, reduces water consumption, and improves the health of your plants. Additionally, using kitchen scraps as a resource instead of trash saves you money and reduces the amount of methane coming from the landfills. Join Conrad to learn how you can start reaping the benefits of composting.

Monarchs & Milkweed - 11/04, 6 PM

Are you interested in creating your own monarch waystation? Conrad and Eric will teach us about the importance of monarch conservation, including ways you can not only improve monarch and other native pollinators in Central Texas. If you are concerned about the decline in native pollinators, come learn how you can help save them.

Tree Pruning for the Future - 11/18, 6 PM

Urban trees growing in an open area need to be pruned for strength and good structure. Otherwise they just will look like a bush and not live as long. We will look at some common issues with poor pruning practices and how to prune for the future.