About The Project

Project Name: Hopkins Street Improvements - Bishop to Moore

Project Number: 90

Project Manager: Richard Reynosa

Construction Estimate: $10,070.388

Construction Start: 5/2020

Construction Completion: See Dashboard

Project Information: Reconstruction of Hopkins Street from Bishop to Moore Street. Includes traffic a calming design with reduced roadway section and three raised intersections. Water and wastewater lines will be replaced. Drainage is a key component to the project where no infrastructure exists. Storm inlets will be installed throughout the project tying into the Travis Drainage Outfall Project.

Phase 1 - Second lift of Asphalt


 The Hopkins Street Improvement Project will be closing a key arterial for the next two years. The goal of the original traffic control plan was to direct a majority of the over 14,000 vehicles using the road each day around the project safely and efficiently. The posted detour route guides traffic to use other arterial streets, those with typically higher traffic volumes, to minimize the change to residents on those streets. However, as with any detour situation, drivers will look for their own alternatives.

Traffic counts and speed surveys were collected July 13 -17th at twelve locations surrounding the Hopkins Street Improvements Project. A summary of the data collected is shown below.  Traffic counts shown are an average over the five days of collection.  The Miles Per Hour is the speed at which 85% of vehicles were traveling at or below.   Traffic counts prior to construction are also provided.  These counts were collected at various times and should be considered as a general indication to assess the level of change that has occurred.  If previous data is not available, it is shown as NA.

Hopkins Traffic Table

The main arterials outside of the project limits (Bishop, Hopkins and Moore) show a decrease in volume from previous studies.  This can be attributed to the general overall lowering of traffic volumes with the current COVID-19 conditions and the restricted traffic access to Hopkins between Moore and Bishop due to construction.  However, the data clearly shows increased volumes on the parallel streets to Hopkins (Belvin, Burleson and San Antonio.)     The greatest increase has occurred to San Antonio Street with current volumes 2.5 to 3 times greater than pre-construction conditions.  

Staff will implement additional “Road Closed to Thru Traffic” barricades at the following locations to mitigate volume increases.  

  • San Antonio Street at North Street
  • Pitt Street at Hopkins
  • Olive Street at Hopkins 
  • Prospect at Bishop
  • Burleson at Moore

Revisions to the barricade at San Antonio at Hopkins will also be made to allow access to the adjacent business while closing through traffic access to San Antonio.  All barricades will be positioned to discourage “thru” traffic while still allowing access to local traffic. Staff is working with internal resources to deploy these changes by August 21st .

The speed surveys conducted did not find speeds more than 5 miles per hour (mph) over the posted speed limit except at Hopkins Street south of Dixon.  Speed in excess of 5 mph over the limit is the threshold at which traffic calming devices, such as speed cushions, are warranted.   

However, because of the high level of pedestrian and bicycle activity on San Antonio Street, the Transportation Division will be installing two speed limit feedback signs along San Antonio Street.  These feedback signs have proved effective in other locations in raising driver awareness of their speed.  The signs will be ordered and installed within six weeks.   The Transportation Division has also inspected all stop signs along San Antonio to ensure visibility. 

With the completion of this study we now have a baseline to evaluate the effectiveness of traffic control plan changes.  Moving forward traffic patterns will continue to be monitored and adjustments made to the traffic control plan, as necessary.  



FAQs About Hopkins Traffic Control During Construction


  • W. Hopkins Street is a major thoroughfare with 14,000+ traffic trips a day
  • Due to road planning decisions made decades ago, there is not a parallel major arterial for a convenient nearby detour route
  • Not all drivers are following the posted detour to Craddock Avenue
  • Local adjacent streets, even with road closed signs, must be kept open for local public access and City service providers
  • Most adjacent streets are experiencing increases in traffic