Main Lift Station Force Main Replacement - September 2020

  • Installation of both Force Mains, lines A & B, will begin just North of Conway Drive and end at Sturgeon Dr/Cape St (Current Work Area).  Once that work has been finished, installation of line B will continue from Conway to the Lift Station 
  •  Work continues on a natural stormwater conveyance channel on City property just east of the Wastewater Treatment Plant. Vegetative matting, seeding and rock gabion installation will follow the completion of excavation. 
  • River Road between Cape Road and Conway Street remains closed to traffic. A detour that uses Bugg Lane as a connector to the IH-35 frontage roads for access to the northern and southern sections of River Road 
  • Vehicular access to River Road from Luciano Flores is prohibited
Main Lift Sta Project Location Map