San Marcos Electric Utility COVID-19 Response

San Marcos Electric Utility (SMEU) Response to COVID-19 – We are Stronger Together!

The City of San Marcos and SMEU, like so many of us, are actively monitoring the current COVID-19 pandemic as it affects San Marcos and our surrounding areas.  Our goal is to do our part to protect the safety and health of our residents, our employees, and others that have contact with us.

Therefore, in response to the event and to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 both to the citizens of San Marcos and City employees, the City closed public-facing counters and most public facilities to entry beginning Friday, March 20, 2020.  This allows us to practice social distancing and do our best to reduce person-to-person contact.  We want everyone to stay safe and well! 

Through all of this, we continue our commitment to provide reliable electric service to our customers and to provide assistance, through our Utility Billing Department, regarding your billing questions and concerns.  Our goal is to maintain our critical electrical infrastructure and our service to the residents, businesses, hospitals, and healthcare facilities we serve.  Our crews and staff continue to stand ready to respond to emergencies and outages. 

We are here to serve San Marcos!  

We understand that many of us are facing unforeseen circumstances right now.  So, we have made a few changes to assist during this time. 

The City has temporarily halted utility service disconnections due to nonpayment to provide relief for those unable to currently pay for the services.  The freeze is temporary but will be re-evaluated as we continue to deal with the current COVID-19 event.  Please continue to visit the City of San Marcos website for COVID-19 updates. 

Additionally, the City is asking citizens needing other assistance paying their utility bill to contact the Utility Billing Office at 512.393.8383 to request an extension and/or create a payment plan. 

And, to further help during this time, the City of San Marcos also has options regarding waiving late fees, on a case-by-case basis, for certain utility bills that are delinquent for up to 90 days.  In order to request this waiver, please fill out the form located here and submit to

COVID-19 Non-Emergency Call Center is Open!

The Hays County Local Health Department, in conjunction with the City, has established a call center to answer non-emergency COVID-19 questions for Hays County residents.   Additionally, Hays County has created a dashboard reporting current COVID-19 statistics in our area.  For more information regarding the COVID-19 Hotline and to view the Hays County COVID-19 Dashboard, click here.