Cottonwood Creek Flood Mitigation Study - 33

Project Name: Cottonwood Creek Flood Mitigation Study

Project Number: 33

Project Manager: Greg Schwarz

Current Design Phase: Conceptual Study

Construction Estimate:  $15,000,000

Construction Start Year: 2024

Project Information: 2D hydraulic modeling will be used to study the feasibility of constructing regional detention and additional conveyance within the Cottonwood Creek watershed upstream of IH35. This watershed has significant flooding along the IH35 southbound frontage road and main lanes with impacts also extending to the COSM Police Station.  The flooding is due to undersized culverts beneath IH35 at the creek crossings. The study will include Atlas 14 (which is the latest) precipitation data.  The study will quantify floodplain reduction and cost of improvements as well as any impacts downstream.

Cottonwood Creek Flood Mitigation Study image