1. Bid Opportunities

    Access bids and request for proposals for consultants, service providers, contractors, vendors, and suppliers.

  2. Chamber of Commerce

    Find information about the San Marcos Area of Chamber of Commerce.

  3. City Staff Directory

    Find the contact information for San Marcos city staff members.

  4. Code of Ordinances

    See the San Marcos Code of Ordinances.

  5. Doing Business with the City

    Business, industry, education, retail, and government make up the backbone of the San Marcos economy. The City of San Marcos works closely with all of our community partners to help our community become a thriving, job-producing city with opportunities for all.

  6. Economic Development

    Find information about the economic development in San Marcos.

  7. Engineering / CIP

    Gain an understanding of the Engineering & Capital Improvement department goals, projects and plans.

  8. Food Establishment Permits

    Food Protection is responsible for promoting a healthy community by minimizing the possibility of foodborne illnesses.

  9. Liquor Licenses

    To apply for a liquor license in the City of San Marcos, please follow these instructions step by step.

  10. Maps / GIS

    The City of San Marcos Interactive maps were created to give the public access to Geographic Information System (GIS) data in a user-friendly environment.

  11. Permit Center / Inspections

    Find information about the permits available for San Marcos City.

  12. Online Auctions

    The City of San Marcos offers the general public the opportunity to bid on surplus items and confiscated items via the Internet.

  13. Planning & Development Services

    The Planning division of Development Services provides guidance to help citizens, consultants, and developers achieve successful development. Our staff evaluates plans, tracks area needs, implements the Comprehensive Plan, and ensures compliance with applicable codes.

  14. Purchasing

    The Purchasing Division is responsible for providing assistance to City departments in securing goods and services in the most economical, efficient, and timely manner possible.

  15. SMTX Connect Mobile App

    SMTX Connect is your official civic engagement tool to stay in touch with the City of San Marcos.

  16. Tourism / Shopping

    Find the latest information on tourism and shopping in San Marcos.

  17. Utility Customer Services

    The City of San Marcos provides electric, water, sewer and drainage services to the San Marcos community. Residential customers also receive curbside garbage pickup and recycling services.

  18. Vendor Registration

    Fill out a form to be able to register as a vendor in San Marcos.