Boards & Commissions A-D

  1. Airport Advisory Board

    This commission provides advice and recommendations to the City Council in matters regarding operations and improvements at the San Marcos Airport.

  2. Animal Shelter Advisory Board

    This board provides advice regarding the animal shelter and animal welfare.

  3. Arts Commission

    This commission provides oversight for the expenditure of city hotel occupancy tax funds for the promotion of the arts.

  4. Cemetery Commission

    The Cemetery Commission is to act as a liaison between the city staff and citizens to determine citizen expectation and give recommendations to the City Council for budget, maintenance, projects and special programs at the cemetery based on these expectations.

  5. Charter Review Commission

    The purpose of this commission is to inquire into the operations of city government under the city charter and recommend whether the charter should be revised.

  6. Citizens Utility Advisory Board

    View agendas and minutes and meet board members.

  7. Civil Service Commission

    This commission is required by state law and the members of the Fire Fighters and Police Officers Civil Service Commission administer civil service law in accordance with the Local Government Code.

  8. Community Improvements Program Task Force

    The task force is to provide recommendations to City Council regarding the inclusion of potential facility and infrastructure capital projects in a potential future bond election.

  9. Comprehensive Plan Oversight Committee

    This committee shall review the progress of implementation of the Comprehensive Plan and determine the completeness of achieving the Comprehensive Plan’s objectives.

  10. Construction Board of Appeals

    This board hears appeals and variances regarding building construction and related activities.

  11. Convention & Visitor Bureau Board

    This board provides advice and oversees the contracts between the City and the San Marcos Area Chamber of Commerce for programs for the promotion of tourism within the City.