Projects In Construction

Pedestrian improvement on CM Allen Opens in new windowC M Allen Parkway Reconstruction

    • CM Allen roadway was reopened to traffic in December 2019
    • A final walk-through is scheduled for December 2nd
  • % Contract Expended: 96.8%

Construction Completion: Spring 2021

Doghouse manhole after concrete pour Opens in new windowHills of Hays Lift Station Rehabilitation

  • Concrete almost finished around compound
  • Bypass pumping complete with wet well coated and new guiderail system installed. 
  • Change order issued to extend duration due to delay with bypass pumping. 
  • Work to start on remaining items to complete project. This includes, fencing, gate, cleanup of electrical components, coating of valve chamber. 

Contract expended = 28%

Construction completion Spring 2021

Hopkins Before Photo ADA Ramp Opens in new windowE Hopkins - Bike and Pedestrian Improvements

  • Sidewalk & drainage completed on south side of Hopkins between Charles Austin and Thorpe Contractors shifted the sidewalk so drainage could be captured and re-routed under the sidewalk 
  • Sidewalk & drainage started on north side of Hopkins between Charles Austin and Thorpe                               
  • % Contract Expended: 5%

Construction Completion January 2021

hydrant at Travis Opens in new windowHopkins Street Improvements - Bishop to Moore

  • Construction continues on Phase 1 (Johnson Ave. to Endicott St) through January. Phase 2 (Bishop to Johnson Ave.) is expected to begin on January 4th.
      • Phase 1 storm sewer is 100% complete.
      • Phase 1 wastewater is 100% complete.
      • Phase 1 water installation is 100% complete.
      • Phase 1 lighting is 10% complete.
      • Phase 1 asphalt is 50% complete.
      • Phase 1 concrete is 0% complete.
  • % Contract Expended: 28.9%

Construction Completion Spring 2022

Fusible PVC pipe for force main Opens in new windowMain Lift Station Force Main Replacement

  • Construction continues along River Road
  • Diversion channel is complete
  • Reclaimed water line bore under Cape Rd 100% complete
  • Two 24” force mains 60% complete (slight delays due to pipe realignment caused by unforeseen conflicts/conditions of existing utilities)   

5'x5' storm culvert along River Rd is 80% complete

Remaining 5'x5' culvert and 6 storm sewer crossings will be installed after completion of force mains

% Contract expended = 54.9%                                                                                                                                

Construction completion April 2021

Reclaimed Water Pumps  Opens in new windowReclaimed Water System Expansion

Elevated Storage Tank and 3 Reclaimed Water Pumps Complete

SCADA complete

Final punch list items complete

Elevated Storage Tank, % Contract expended = 99%

Pump Station Upgrades, % Contract expended = 99%

Construction completion December 2020

Victory Gardens Subdivision Improvements1 Opens in new window

Working on Patton, Hines, Knox, Stillwell & Wavell

Wastewater 95% complete (one repair on Camacho to be completed)

Water 95% complete

Storm sewer 80% complete

Rain gardens 70% complete

Road work 90% complete

% Contract expended = 80.6%

Construction completion March 2021


Wonder World/Hunter Preferred Alternative Opens in new window

Wonder World at Hunter Road Intersection Improvements

  • Construction began on Phase 3 (Northeast corner) on Monday, January 4th and is expected to last approximately two weeks.
      • Phase 3 demolition is 50% complete
      • Phase 3 construction is 0% complete

% Contract Expended: 16.7%

Construction completion January/February 2021