N LBJ and Oakridge Utility Improvements

Project Details

The $4 million dollar project consists of several components:
  • Fire protection on Timbercrest - This improvement was requested by the San Marcos Fire Department. The existing two-inch water main will be upgraded to an 8-inch main, and a fire hydrant will be installed.
  • N.LBJ and Oakridge water mains - The City will upsize the existing deteriorating water mains, improving the service of the water system grid in the area.
  • The Oakridge lift stations - The existing gravity main between NLBJ and one of two lift stations will be replaced and extended so it can be taken out of service. The other lift station will be upgraded to handle the additional flows.
  • Sessom sewer main - The wastewater project that started at IH-35 and CM Allen Parkway will be continued. This project will finish upsizing the sewer main from Holland to Oakridge. In addition, the force main from the N LBJ lift station to Oakridge will be upsized from an 8-inch main to a 12-inch main.
  • Timbercrest sewer mains - The City will replace the existing deteriorating sewer mains along Timbercrest.


Anticipated Construction Dates: Summer, 2016 - Winter, 2018
N LBJ and Oakridge Utility Improvements Map