Home Grill Fires

The leading causes of grill fires were a failure to clean, having the grill too close to something that could catch fire and leaving the grill unattended. Help prevent outdoor cooking fires!

Safety Tips

  • Only use grills outdoor, away from siding and deck railings.
  • Glean grills often and remove grease or fat build-up.
  • Make sure your gas grill lid is open before lighting.
  • Have a three foot safe-zone around grills and campfires. Keep kids and pets clear of the area.
  • Dispose of coals after they have cooled in a metal can.
  • Never leave grills, fire pits and patio torches unattended.

Outdoor Cooking Concerning 3 or More Units or Multi-Story Apartments - (Municipal Code: 308.1.4)

It is unlawful to use or store a charcoal burner, open flame, LP gas burner, outdoor grill, electric grill, barbecue, or other outdoor cooking appliance, electric or with open flame on the premises of a residential building with three or more dwelling units or of a multi-family residential building with two or more stories. The provision does not apply to the use of permanently mounted outdoor cooking devices located ten or more feet from any structure.