Revised Draft Code

Here's the Latest!

Thanks to all of the great work by our community leaders, Think Tank members, citizens and groups who provided comments on the public draft, we now have a Revised Draft of Code SMTX.
Over 1000 comments were received from residents via our online commenting system, Open Comment, as well as by email, open house events, surveys, etc. Staff members reviewed each comment made to the Public Review Draft document and addressed each in the Comment Response Log, indicating if a change was incorporated or not, and if it represented a minor or major change.

How Did We Get Here?

Since the release of the public draft on May 27, 2016 we have facilitated the review of the draft through various processes. An open house was held where the standards of the code were discussed and a survey was provided to gather feedback.
The Think Tank has met several times since the release of the public draft to review public input and provide feedback on the Draft Code.
To evaluate the impacts of Code SMTX on the built environment, the City utilized a land use and financial modeling tool to analyze potential impacts of policy and development decisions on a range of measures such as land use, housing, fiscal impact, and development costs. The model has been tested and standards have been revised to further the policies set out in Vision San Marcos.
Staff conducted a series of 'tests' on hypothetical projects in different areas of town and reviewed them under the new Code to explore the effectiveness of Code SMTX in creating the type of development desired in the comprehensive plan.

What's Next?

In the months ahead, the community will have the opportunity to review and respond to the revised draft during a series of public meetings. A final draft will then be scheduled to go to policy makers for consideration and adoption in March and April of 2017.
  • January 18 - Think Tank Meeting - Final Meeting
  • January 30 - Joint City Council and Planning Commission Workshop
    5:30 until 8:30 p.m.
    San Marcos Activity Center
  • February 8 - Joint City Council and Planning Commission Workshop
    5:30 to 8:30 p.m.
    San Marcos Activity Center