Enhance Curb Appeal

Neighborhoods with clean and well-kept homes have a positive effect on property values and help create neighborhood pride. Curb appeal is the visual attractiveness of a home from the street.

Low Cost Ways to Enhance Curb Appeal

How can property owners enhance the curb appeal of their homes and businesses for little to no money? The City Code Compliance Division offers these free or low-cost ways to enhance curb appeal:

  • Pick up litter, trash and debris on the property.
  • Refrain from parking on the front or side yard, grass or lawn.
  • Mow, edge and sweep grass clippings back onto the lawn instead of into the street.
  • Store emptied trash containers at the side or rear of a building.
  • Store items not intended for outdoor use inside the home or garage.
  • Apply a fresh coat of paint to the exterior of a home or other buildings on the property.
  • Ensure address numbers are applied to the exterior of the structure and are visible from the street.
  • Keep the sidewalk clear of debris and any obstructions.
  • Pick up and recycle newspapers, or call the distributor directly to discontinue service.
  • Plan your clean-up for the weekend before bulk collection in your area.
  • Call TDS to schedule bulk pick up.
  • Cover "project" vehicles with a formfitting cover - only 1 vehicle per property
  • If you can hear noise while standing on your property line - it is too loud.
  • Mow your yard regularly.
  • Keep "natural" landscape free of weeds.
  • Drain stagnant water.
  • Keep party guest list short and remember that your neighbors may not be on your sleep schedule.

If you are doing these things The City of San Marcos would like to thank you for doing your part in making San Marcos a safe, healthy, and clean place to live!