Top 10 Code Violations

1. Maintenance of Lots: Section 34.078

It is unlawful for an owner or occupant of a lot to cause or permit weeds, rubbish, brush or stagnant water to accumulate or remain on the lot.

2. Occupancy Restrictions: Section

  • Limited Number of Unrelated Individuals. All dwelling units located in SF-R, SF-11, SF-6, SF-4.5, DR, TH, PH-ZL zoning districts shall be restricted to occupancy by a family, and up to one other person who is not related to any of the family members by blood, legal adoption, marriage, or conservatorship.
  • The property owner and any agent of the property owner shall be legally responsible for directly or indirectly allowing, permitting, causing, or failing to prohibit the occupancy of a dwelling unit by more than two unrelated persons.

3. Junked Vehicles/Nuisance Vehicles: Section 34.196

A junked vehicle that is located in a place where it is visible from a public place or public right-of-way, is detrimental to the safety and welfare of the general public, tends to reduce the value of private property, invites vandalism, creates a fire hazard and constitutes an attractive nuisance creating a hazard to the health, safety of minors, or is detrimental to the economic welfare of the city by producing urban blight adverse to the maintenance and continuing development of the city and is a public nuisance.

  • It is unlawful for a person that owns or controls any real property to maintain, allow, cause or permit a nuisance vehicle to be placed or to remain on the property.
  • It is unlawful for a person to maintain, allow, cause or permit a nuisance vehicle to be placed or to remain on real property without the permission of the owner of the property.

4. Solid Waste Containers: Section 66.031

Placement of Bags and Containers For Collection

  • Bags and containers shall placed for collection between 9 p.m. the night preceding collection day and 7 a.m. of collection day and shall be placed as close to the roadway as practicable without interfering with vehicles or pedestrians.
  • Bulky waste, construction debris and yard waste shall be placed for collection only after the city has been notified of the need for special collection. Yard waste must be securely tied together in bundles not exceeding four feet in length or 50 pounds in weight.
  • Emptied containers shall be removed to a location at the side or rear of a building on the premises by 9 p.m. of collection day.

5. Noise: Section 34.087 & Section 34.088


  • It is unlawful for a person who owns, occupies, or acts as a property manager for a residence to allow the residence to become or to remain a nuisance due to excessive noise.
  • It is unlawful for any person operating or controlling a motor vehicle to operate any radio, stereo receiver, compact disc player, cassette tape player, or other similar device in the motor vehicle in such a manner that, when operated it is:

    • Audible in a public place or on private property other than that owned or occupied by the person at a distance of 30 feet or more from the vehicle
    • Causes vibration that can be felt at a distance of 30 feet or more from the vehicle

6. Parties - Host Responsibilities: Section 34.702

It is unlawful for a host to fail:

  • To advise his guests that streets and driveways cannot be blocked by vehicles of persons attending the host's party
  • To ensure that noise from the hosts party does not reach an unlawful level
  • To ensure that litter related to the host's party is properly disposed of by 10 a.m. of the day after the party started
  • To ensure that any alcoholic beverages provided or served at the host's party are controlled in a manner that ensures the alcoholic beverage laws are not violated

7. Sight Visibility LDC (G)

Visual clearance shall be provided in all zoning districts so that no fence, wall, architectural screen, earth mounding or landscaping 30 inches or higher above the street center line obstructs the vision of a motor vehicle driver approaching any street, alley, or driveway intersection as follows:

  • At a street intersection, clear vision must be maintained for a minimum of 25 feet across any lot measured from the corner of the property line in both directions.
  • At an intersection with an alley, this clearance must be maintained for 10 feet.
  • Shrubs and hedges that are typically less than 30 inches in height at maturity, as measured from the center line of the street, may be located in the visual clearance areas of all districts.
  • A limited number of single-trunk trees having a clear trunk (branching) height of at least eight feet may be located within sight visibility areas provided that they are spaced and positioned such that they will not produce a visibility inhibiting effect when they attain mature size.

8. Address Labels Required Section 38 Amendment 505.1

New and existing buildings shall have their address numbers, building numbers, or building identification placed in a position to be plainly legible and visible from the street or road fronting the property. The numbers and letters shall contrast with their background and shall be a minimum of six inches in height for commercial buildings and three inches in height for residential buildings. The numbers and letters shall have a minimum stroke width of 0.5 inches (12.7 millimeters).

9. Home Occupations LDC (B)

  • Home occupations shall be permitted as accessory use in single-family residential zoning districts provided that they comply with all restrictions.
  • The occupation shall produce no alteration or change in the character or exterior appearance of the principal building from that of a residential dwelling, and performance of the occupation activity shall not be visible from the street.
  • The occupation shall not be harmful or detrimental to the health, welfare and safety of the neighborhood, nor shall it interfere with the comfortable enjoyment of life, property and recreation by residents of the area.
  • Home occupations shall also be subject to any and all other provisions of local, State and Federal regulations and laws that govern such uses.

10. Animal Regulations

Maximum Number of Dogs & Cats Allowed: Section 6.086

Each residence shall have no more than 5 dogs or 8 cats or a combination of dogs and cats that exceeds a total of 8.

Licensed Required: Section 6.056

  • The owner of any dog, cat or miniature swine over four months of age and residing within the city shall obtain a license annually for the animal.
  • No dog or cat shall be licensed unless it has a current rabies vaccination as prescribed by section 6.167.
  • No miniature swine shall be licensed unless it has a current erysipelas vaccination and a current veterinarian's statement verifying the animal's size.