Loose Animals

Maximum Number of Dogs & Cats Allowed Section 6.086

Each residence shall have no more than 5 dogs or 8 cats or a combination of dogs and cats that exceeds a total of 8.

Pens & Cages Section 6.115

  • The pen where any livestock is confined shall be kept in a clean and sanitary manner at all times.
  • All fowl shall be confined in suitable sanitary pens or cages. The total number of fowl is limited to 8.
  • Fowl shall be kept in an enclosure that is located at least 30 feet from any residential dwelling, other than that of the owner.

Licensed Required Section 6.056

  • The owner of any dog, cat or miniature swine over four months of age and residing within the city shall obtain a license annually for the animal.
  • No dog or cat shall be licensed unless it has a current rabies vaccination as prescribed by section 6.167.
  • No miniature swine shall be licensed unless it has a current erysipelas vaccination and a current veterinarian's statement verifying the animal's size.

Vaccination of Dogs & Cats Section 6.167

  • Every owner of a dog or cat shall have the animal vaccinated against rabies by a veterinarian by the time the animal is four months of age and at regular intervals not less than 1 to 3 years thereafter.
  • A veterinarian who vaccinates a dog or cat against rabies shall issue to the owner of the animal a dated vaccination certificate describing the animal vaccinated and a rabies vaccination tag.
  • The owner of the vaccinated animal shall keep the rabies vaccination tag securely fastened around the neck of the animal at all times by means of a collar or harness.

Restraint - Public Nuisance Animals Section 6.081

  • Every owner or handler of a dog or miniature swine shall keep such animal under restraint at all times.
  • Owners and handlers must maintain restraint of an animal in a humane manner in accordance with the following:
    • The collar does not restrict the animal's breathing or cut into its skin.
    • If the animal is restrained by a leash, rope, cord, or wire, it is fastened so that the animal does not become entangled or injured.
    • Fences are free of protruding wire, nails, screws or other objects which could injure the animal.
    • The mesh of any fence is small enough so that the animal cannot become stuck in it.
    • Animals that are restrained by a fence, leash, rope, cord, or wire are able to reach their food, water, and shelter at all times.
  • Fences must be constructed or equipped to prevent the animal from climbing over or digging under them.
  • Every owner or handler of an animal shall exercise control over the animal to prevent it from becoming a public nuisance.
  • Every owner or handler of a dog or cat in heat shall confine the animal in a building or secure enclosure that prevents any contact between the animal and any other animal, except for planned breeding.
  • No owner or handler of a dog or cat may leave the animal attached to a stationary object in a public place.
  • No electric fences permitted inside the city limits.