Sight Visibility

Land Development Code LDC (G)

Visual clearance shall be provided in all zoning districts so that no fence, wall, architectural screen, earth mounding or landscaping 30 inches or higher above the street center line obstructs the vision of a motor vehicle driver approaching any street, alley, or driveway intersection as follows:

  • At a street intersection, clear vision must be maintained for a minimum of 25 feet across any lot measured from the corner of the property line in both directions.
  • At an intersection with an alley, this clearance must be maintained for 10 feet
  • Shrubs and hedges that are typically less than 30 inches in height at maturity, as measured from the center line of the street, may be located in the visual clearance areas of all districts.
  • A limited number of single-trunk trees having a clear trunk (branching) height of at least eight feet may be located within sight visibility areas provided that they are spaced and positioned such that they will not produce a visibility inhibiting effect when they attain mature size.