Design Rodeo

There were 3 growth scenarios created from the Growth and Preservation Allocation (GPA) Exercise and were presented at the Design Rodeo to be tested in terms of their environmental, transportation and fiscal impacts. The 3 scenarios were: Urban Core, Multi-Center and Trend. Public input was gathered daily, analyzed and used for the next day's work. By the end of the week, testing, refining and public input resulted in a final Preferred Scenario Map (PDF) (Vision page 28 to 29).

The Design Rodeo held September 10 to 14, 2012 at the Activity Center in San Marcos Texas offered 5 days of focus groups and workshops engaging citizens, planners, experts and consultants who translated input from the community into a "preferred scenario" that will guide the next steps in the preparation of the Comprehensive Master Plan.

Design Rodeo Program Flyer