• Technology fee of $11 applies to all requests in addition for permit fees

Sprinkler & Alarm Permits

Approval is required before work starts. Inspections are possible based on scope of work.

More Than 10 Devices

  • Permit Required
  • Follow application requirements
  • Provide plans with supporting documents
  • Submit permit online
  • Tech fee applies
  • Permit fee applies
  • Review(s)
  • Print approved plans
  • Inspections

Less Than 10 Devices

  • No permit required
  • The following items must be completed:

Additional Permits

Permits are also required for:
  • First Responder Access - Door access
  • Fixed Suppression Systems
  • Fuel Storage tanks (AST/UST greater than 500 gallons)
  • Gate Access
  • Generator - if supporting life safety systems
  • Residential Sprinkler and Fire Alarm Systems