Cemetery Lots

Cemetery lots are available for purchase at the San Marcos City Cemetery. To purchase a lot, residents may contact the Caretaker, Jay Cody, at 512-748-9671. He can make arrangements to show the available cemetery lots. Once purchasers have selected the lots they wish to purchase, they may pay for them at the City Municipal Building at 630 E Hopkins.  To make an appointment to purchase lot(s) either call 512-393-8170 or email cemeteryinfo@sanmarcostx.gov


  • Burial Lot
    • Residents of San Marcos: $1,600
    • Non Residents but have a San Marcos address or pay school taxes: $1,950
    • Non Residents who do not meet the above criteria $2,700
  • Filing Fee: $26

Note that all cemetery lots will increase by $50.00 every October 1st.

Columbarium Niches

  • Niche: 
  • Perpetual Care:

Serenity Garden

  • $200
  • Includes name plate for plaque

Podium Plaque in Chapel

  • $75