Flood Resources

Man saving woman from flood waters

Disaster Information

  • Follow the City of San Marcos website Follow the City of San Marcos Facebook and Twitter (@cityofsanmarcos) for up to the minute updates
  • Follow Hays County on Facebook and Twitter (@hayscountygov)

Flood Preparedness Information

If you are under a flood watch or warning:
  • Bring outdoor possessions, such as lawn furniture, grills and trash cans inside or tie them down securely.
  • Fill bathtubs, sinks and plastic soda bottles with clean water. Sanitize the sinks and tubs first by using bleach. Rinse and fill with clean water.
  • Gather the emergency supplies you previously stocked in your home and stay tuned to local radio or television station for updates.
  • Have your immunization records handy or be aware of your last tetanus shot, in case you should receive a puncture wound or a wound becomes contaminated during or after the flood.
  • Turn off all utilities at the main power switch and close the main gas valve if evacuation appears necessary.
  • Visit Natural Disasters and Severe Weather site for more information on emergency supplies and planning for evacuation.