What happens if I use the carts for the wrong items?
The City and Texas Disposal Systems (TDS) have reassessed the City’s new green waste cart program and how the recent flooding has impacted this and all waste services. After further discussions, any green waste cart that is continually contaminated will be removed from the residence.

Items accepted in the green waste carts include yard waste (leaves, grass clippings, weeds, branches up to 5” in diameter) and soiled paper products (to-go pizza boxes, cartons with gabled top, paper plates, paper towels, paper napkins, paper cups). Any other items that are placed in the cart could contaminate the cart and the recycling process.

If there is contamination in the green waste cart, TDS will not empty the cart. The resident must remove all contamination. Residents can put up to 2 extra 30-gallon trash bags by their trash cart, on their next regularly scheduled trash service day for free until November 30th. Any extra trash bags set out by the trash cart after November 30th will be charged the contracted rate of $9.03 per bag. The original November 24 deadline for Barbara, Conway, River Rd, Riverside and Riviera has been removed due to service schedule.

Starting the week of November 30, City staff will be auditing green waste carts before they are emptied to check for contamination. If there is contamination, the cart will be moved off the curb and a letter stating why the cart was not emptied and a flyer with the correct placement of material will be taped to the green waste cart.

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