What are the other Ideas, comments and feedback received through email or at a public meeting?
  • TNR and RTF programs are needed and will greatly impact the live outcome rate; include education
  • Use a behaviorist/trainer for cats too
  • Analyze income levels and population growth for the possibility of financial support from the community; engage the higher income levels and retired residents
  • The shelter should have a code red/urgent Facebook page to help rescues pull high-risk animals (injured, sick, or behavioral/aggression issues)
  • There needs to be marketing/flyers/collateral for businesses/supporters to give out to their network and customers
  • The shelter needs to share info and photos on Nextdoor
  • The shelter needs satellite locations and portable buildings to increase capacity
  • There needs to be a joint meeting of the government partners and implementation plan committee
  • Send a survey/questionnaire to veterinarians in San Marcos and hays County
  • Hays County has a higher poverty rate than other successful shelters; please factor this into budgeting and planning
  • Financial benefits of no-kill; instead of euthanizing, would rather tax dollars go to reducing number of animals and filling government coffers
  • Regarding the Implementation Plan Survey: Stray questions were biased, negative, and not correct range of possible answers. Would like "other" option with space to describe. 
  • Stray neutered cats with care (food, water, shelter) are great and reduce rodents
  • Pulling as a rescue has been difficult; please make it easier and not restrict the dogs a rescue can take. 

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1. Are there plans for a large scale spay/neuter program and where would they occur?
2. Will any of the implementation plan changes affect how you do animal intake (at the shelter)?
3. Is the shelter allowed to close intake, being a municipal shelter?
4. Will there be a limit on the number of cats and dogs can have in the city of San Marcos?
5. Has the increase in hours of availability at the shelter had an impact on adoptions? Will there be additional hours, days, or locations added in the future?
6. How will we know the progress of the government partners meetings in comparison to this process? Will that be available to the public so feedback can be provided on that as well?
7. Will the widespread spay and neuter efforts be done at the shelter?
8. Is there currently a plan to increase the visibility of the shelter and its needs?
9. What is the role of the community of vets, techs, pet groomers, and other industry professionals?
10. Can there be a Facebook page to help rescues pull animals to help them and help the shelter?
11. When does the survey close?
12. For those who can't attend a meeting, how can they provide input?
13. Can you talk about the forecasting for the cost of the plan and how money will be raised?
14. What is the timeline for funding and implementing the different components; and who implements?
15. Why is the timeline 5 years?
16. When will the foster and volunteer programs be enacted?
17. Is there a plan or timeline to have free spay/neuter clinics for TNR community and feral cats?
18. What are the numbers of cat intake compared to those adopted out?
19. Will there be specific communications/education regarding TNR/RTF (community and feral cats)?
20. What is it about the Target Zero data/presentation that stands out?
21. What is the progress on getting a Facebook page to facilitate animal rescues?
22. Is it a viable option to have play groups and behaviorist to work with dogs?
23. Will the low income levels in the area affect our ability to obtain funding?
24. How will Veterinarians county-wide be involved in the efforts and initiatives?
25. Are you interested in becoming a Best Friends network partner to be eligible for free fundraising?
26. Does the shelter participate in the Amazon Smile program?
27. How actively have the government partners engaged their own communities and promoted this?
28. People are still afraid to take their animals to the San Marcos shelter for fear they're going to die; how can I help promote and share the good information and work that's been done?
29. What are the other Ideas, comments and feedback received through email or at a public meeting?
30. When will the implementation plan be proposed to City Council?
31. Are animals spayed/neutered before being adopted from the shelter?
32. Will there be an opportunity to speak at the June 18 work session or other city council meetings to provide input regarding the implementation plan?
33. Where are the sterilizations performed on shelter animals prior to leaving the shelter?
34. Is there a veterinarian on-site at the shelter?
35. When spay/neuter services are offered to the general public, where will that service be provided?
36. We need to educate the people about sterilizing their animals.
37. Has there been discussion about having a heartworm treatment program/fund so that all adoptable animals are at least starting treatment prior to being adopted or rescued?
38. How many kennels do we have for adoptions vs intake?
39. Will there be a proposed budget to review prior to the June 18 work session?
40. Have the other government partners (Hays Co, Kyle, Buda) been planning for the implementation as well?
41. What is the definition of “No-Kill” and what is included in the calculation of the live outcome rate?
42. When you foster an animal, how do you know that it will be adopted out?
43. Is there anything that can be done to improve the environment for the animals, using sounds or scents?
44. How long has the longest stay animal been at the shelter?
45. Is there a maximum length of stay we will allow an animal to stay in the shelter?
46. Is there a plan to expand the shelter and/or incorporate some play yards?
47. Do you have any plans to work with the college?
48. Do you find that the $15 orientation fee prohibits people from volunteering?