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Business Improvement & Growth (BIG) Grant Application

  1. Business Improvement & Growth (BIG) Grant Application
  2. Business Organization*
  3. Relationship of Applicant to the property to be renovated*
  4. Please provide contact information for the design professional responsible for your drawings, plans, and permits
  5. Acknowledgement Statement

    The undersigned hereby represents and certifies to the best of his/her knowledge and beliefs that the information contained on this statement and any exhibits or attachments hereto are true and complete and accurately describe the proposed project, and the undersigned agrees to promptly inform the City of San Marcos Economic & Business Development Manager of any changes in the proposed project which may occur. The City of San Marcos reserves the right to terminate any agreement under the BIG Grant Program if a participant is found to be in violation of any conditions set forth in these guidelines or if the project has been started prior to an executed agreement with the City of San Marcos.

  6. As applicable: Proof of ownership, Certificate of Occupancy, written permission from building owner, expiration date of lease, etc.

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