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Residential Parking Permit Application

  1. Verification of address
  2. Vehicle(s)
  3. Any alteration, unauthorized copy, forgery or misrepresentation an any application, form, petition, sticker or permit constitutes a misdemeanor offense and is subject to the penalty provided in section 1.015 of the San Marcos City Code upon conviction of the person committing such offense. Any permit issued under this section shall not guarantee or reserve to the holder a parking space. A parking permit is non-transferable. A parking permit shall not authorize the holder to cause to stand or park a vehicle at such places where parking is prohibited or during such times as when stopping, standing, or parking of vehicles is not set aside for specified types of vehicles, nor exempt the holder from observance of any traffic regulation other that the specified parking restrictions. A parking permit confers a privilege only, subject to revocation consistent with residential parking program guidelines at any time.

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