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Parks & Recreation Facility Reservation Form (Internal Use Only)

  1. Please fill out this form if you are interested in reserving the Activity Center, The Pauline Espinosa Community Hall, the Old Fish Hatchery Building or Dunbar Recreation Center. This is for city-related business only. If you need to reserve for personal use, please call the Activity Center at 512.393.8280.
  2. Choices are: Activity Center Ballroom (All 3 rooms), Activity Center Room 1, Activity Center Room 2, Activity Center Room 3, Activity Center Multipurpose Room, Pauline Espinosa Community Hall, Old Fish Hatchery Building, Dunbar Recreation Center

  3. Please include set up and tear down time

  4. Please note that only the Activity Center and Dunbar have the option of round tables. Round tables are 60 inches and Rectangular tables are 30" x 72" (6 feet).

  5. Round tables seat 8 people comfortably but can accommodate up to 10 chairs. Rectangular tables seat six comfortably.

  6. Ex. classroom set up, horseshoe setup, banquet setup, audience (chairs only)

  7. This can be a hand drawing or a previous layout you may have

  8. Additional Equipment Needed | Please check all that apply

    Activity Center has everything listed. There is also an Ice Machine on site for your use.

    Dunbar has a screen and a podium (with no mic).

    Pauline Espinosa Community Hall has a screen, podium and mic.

    Old Fish Hatchery does not have any additional equipment.

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