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Certified Habitat Stewardship Program

  1. About the property:
  2. Use this walk-through checklist to confirm you have all the elements necessary to be certified.  Refer to the website for program guidelines, element definitions, examples, and additional resources. The Sustainable Practices section is required for all applicants in addition to one or both the Wildlife and Stormwater Management sections. Overlapping elements will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Please check all items in your Habitat Area.

  3. Sustainable Practices

    You need to employ one or more practice from each Sustainable Practices category for certification.

  4. Soil and water conservation: *
  5. Controlling Exotic Species: *
  6. Organic Practices:*
  7. Wildlife

    Follow instructions for each category

  8. Food - Your habitat needs at least three of the following types of edible food sources: *
  9. Water - Your habitat needs at least one of the following to provide clean water: *
  10. Cover - Wildlife need at least two places to find shelter:*
  11. Place to raise young - Wildlife need at least two places to engage in courtship behavior, mate and then bear and raise their young:*
  12. Stormwater Management
  13. Stormwater Retention - You need to have two of the following features to capture and infiltrate at least a 1“ rain within the habitat area:*
  14. Please include a sketch plan of your yard and photographs of your completed habitat.

    Give property dimensions within the sketch plan, where habitat elements are located and indicate directional north. Digital photographs may be shared on our website and the Keep San Marcos Beautiful Facebook page. Please include any future plans for additional habitat enhancement.

  15. Native habitats must abide by existing municipal ordinances and state laws. Habitat Stewardship Certification does not carry any legal authority. Please allow 4 weeks for certification.

    By entering my name below, I certify that I meet the above requirements of the certification program.

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