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Automated Meter Reading Opt-Out Request

  1. Description

    The City of San Marcos provides residential electric utility customers an option to have a manual Read Electric Meter installed to replace an Automated Meter Infrastructure (AMI) Electric Meter.

  2. Criteria

    The City criteria is:

    • The request must be made by the utility account holder.

    • The request must be submitted in writing (AMI Electric Meter Opt-Out Request Form)

    • The Account holder must comply with all City of San Marcos Electric Rules and Regulations

  3. If approved the utility account holder agrees to:

    • Pay a Meter Exchange Fee of $100.00 to replace the AMI Meter with a Manual Read Meter.

    • Pay a monthly Meter Reading Fee of $25.00, in addition to the existing electric utility charges.

    Failure to meet or maintain the listed criteria or comply with fee payment will result in noninstallation or replacement of the Manual Read Meter with an AMI Meter, to include an additional Meter Exchange Fee of $100.00.

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