Facility Rental & Park Event Rental Info

Facility Rental How To:

1. Look at the facilities the city offers for rental on the menu on the left.
2. For facility rentals:
 A damage deposit is collected to secure your reservation date. Full rental fee is due 2 weeks prior to your rental date. For hourly rate or day rates, please refer to our Facility Pricing Sheet (PDF).
For park, picnic area, pavilion, and gazebo rentals:
 The rental fee is collected to secure your reservation date.
For athletic field rentals:
  Please contact the person or organization listed in the field description.
3. Call 512.393.8400 to check availability and reserve your date.

Park Event Rental How To:

Park Events include festivals, concerts, community gatherings, races, cook-offs, and any other event open to the public. In order to reserve a facility or park for a special event, you must complete the Park Event Rental Agreement Packet (PDF)  and contact the Facility Events Coordinator at 512.393.8401 to check availability and set up a meeting.