Patrol Platoons

Officers assigned to the Patrol Division are broken up into shifts on two Patrol Platoons. The platoons have opposite days off which allow for each officer to have every other weekend off. The breakdown of how the scheduling workings is shown below. 

Long week: On duty Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Off duty Wednesday and Thursday. 
Short week: Off duty Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. On duty Wednesday and Thursday. 

If one platoon is working a long week, the other is working a short week. The following week would be opposite and that pattern continues on.

Day Shift Hours

Sunday-Wednesday 0600-1700
Thursday-Saturday 0600-1800

Evening Shift Hours

Sunday-Wednesday 1600-0300
Thursday-Saturday 1600-0400

Midnight Shift Hours 

Sunday-Wednesday 2000-0700
Thursday-Saturday 1900-0700

The difference in times in the patrol shifts are in order to increase man power within the city on days with higher call volume. This allows an increase in patrol officers to better serve the citizens and visitors during peak days and times.