Surrendering A Pet

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At San Marcos Animal Services, we understand life can be unexpected and present challenges for pets and their people. These changes may affect the ability to provide proper care for a furry family member. The animal services team strongly urges all pet owners to first consider alternate options for pets before surrendering to a shelter. Surrendering your pet is a very serious and difficult decision, and we encourage pet owners to utilize this option as a last resort.

The San Marcos Animal Shelter has partnered with PAWS of Central Texas in Kyle to offer the PAW Up program. If you are considering surrendering your pet due to behavior issues, consider information about the following opportunity. To take advantage of this wonderful opportunity, call 512.805.2655.

A PAW Up: Intake Diversion Program from  

PAWS Shelter of Central Texas

According to shelter statistics through the American Humane Association, 85% of adopted dogs who receive basic training stay in their homes. That being said, approximately 400,000 dogs are surrendered into shelters each year due to behavior issues, including lack of socialization, separation anxiety, dog reactivity, biting, and even basic manners. PAWS Shelter of Central Texas is offering to lend "A PAW Up" to owned and adopted dogs with known behavioral issues, by providing training sessions that are easy for owners to access and utilize.

The PAW Up Program will provide a custom training program after a PAWS Shelter of Central Texas Trainer evaluates the needs of the dog and the family. Once the first consultation has been completed, the trainer will design a program that will correct small environmental or behavior changes. We will recommend a basic training class as most of these dogs need to be exposed to other people and other dogs in a class environment to develop better self-esteem and overcome shyness. The PAW Up program will allow us to keep more dogs in their new or existing home by helping to break down the communication barrier between owner and pet.


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San Marcos Regional Animal Shelter accepts animals from Hays County residents.

Owners must present a valid, government-issued form of identification such as a driver's license, military ID, or passport when surrendering their pet. Shelter staff will not accept a pet without the owner's ID. Owners are also encouraged to bring any veterinary records when available.