FAQ for Visiting and Floating the San Marcos River

Is there a cost to use the park or river? No

Is there a cost to park? No

Is overnight camping allowed? No

Are barbecue pits allowed? Yes, propane only at fixed picnic table sites.

What are the park hours? Everyday, 6 am-11 pm. Natural Areas are dawn-dusk.

Where do I start tubing at the river? City Park: 170 Charles Austin Dr, San Marcos TX 78666. You can rent tubes from Lions Club Tube Rental or use your own.

Where is a safe location for children to use the river? City Park, 170 Charles Austin Dr, San Marcos TX 78666

Does the river go in a circle? No, it connects with the Guadalupe River outside of Gonzales and then eventually flows into the Gulf of Mexico. Please pay attention to all river exit signs.

Should I wear a life jacket? We highly recommend life jackets for both adults and children, as the San Marcos River is a moving body of water and therefore can become unpredictable.

How long is the float? Roughly an hour from City Park to Rio Vista Park. Times vary depending on where you enter and exit the river.

Should I be aware of wildlife? Yes, the San Marcos River is home to many different species of fish, turtles and yes, even snakes. Always pay attention to your surroundings and do your best not to disturb the habitat.

Is alcohol allowed in the parks? No, per city ordinance.

Is alcohol allowed on the river? Yes, as long as you are actively floating the river. You can not be standing on the shore with open containers.

Are cans allowed? Yes, but please dispose of all waste in the mesh bags provided by your tube rental company or bring your own waste receptacle.

Are there cabins available for rent? No

Can I kayak or canoe the river? Yes, you can rent from a local vendor or you may bring your own kayak or canoe and access the river from any river access point.

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