Purgatory Creek Improvements Phase 1 - 679

Project Name: Purgatory Creek Improvements Phase 1

Project Number: 679

Project Manager: John Espinoza

Current Design Phase: 30%

Construction Estimate: $38,000,000

Construction Start Year: 2025

Project Information: The objective of the Purgatory Creek Improvement project is to take a holistic approach regarding flood mitigation considering water quality and public space improvements.  The project area consists of Purgatory Creek from the San Marcos River to the Flood Control Dam #5 located upstream of Wonder World Drive. During the first phase of the project, conceptual designs including natural channel modifications, greenway trails, replacement of road crossings, utility modifications, permitting and approval requirements, and construction cost estimates were determined.  Project conceptual finding and recommendations were presented in a Preliminary Engineering Report dated January 2019 and during various public meetings.  See project presentation below for a summary of conceptual project findings and recommendations presented during a public meeting.  In order to control cost we will design and construct the project considering two project phases.  The Phase 1 Area will be for the channel reach starting at the San Marcos River to near Johnson Avenue and the Phase 2 Area is from Johnson Avenue to Wonder World Drive.

Project Update - March 2022:  

Project design documents (30% level of design) have been completed including:

  • 30% Plan Set
  • Engineer’s Opinion of Probable Construction Cost
  • 30% Engineering Report
  • 30% Drainage Technical Memorandum 
  • Wastewater Crossing Technical Report
  • Riparian Vegetation Management Plan
  • Landscape Narrative
  • Ecosystem Design Technical Report
  • Soil Assessment Report
  • Geological Assessment
  • Phase 1 Archeological Background Report
  • Geotechnical Data Report – Channel
  • Geotechnical Data Report – Vehicular Bridges
  • Union Pacific Railroad Preliminary Plan Sheets
  • Property Map
  • Tree Mitigation Spreadsheet

While we are waiting to start the completion of design documents, environmental/permitting services continue to be conducted for the entire Purgatory Creek watershed including the Phase 1 and 2 areas.  In addition, we have started an invasive vegetation management plan including the removal of invasive vegetation along Purgatory Creek.   


Purgatory Floodplain Exhibit