About the Project

Sewer System Evaluation Studies (SSES) for Edwards Aquifer Recharge Zone Repairs

The City has contracted Santa Clara Construction of Austin to replace wastewater mains at five areas in the City that are within the Edwards Aquifer Recharge Zone. The existing sewer mains scheduled for repair have been deemed defective and have the potential to negatively impact the environment. 

Specifically, the project locations are in these areas:

  • Bert Brown from the River to Post Road
  • Brown Street from Clara Street to Greenpointe
  • Craddock Avenue between Furman Avenue and Indiana Street
  • Dale Dr. between Girard St and Furman Avenue.
  • Furman Avenue from Craddock to Dale Drive
  • Girard Street, from Craddock to Dale Drive
  • Indiana Street from Craddock to Hamilton Street
  • Nevada Street between Castle Creek Drive and Castle Gate Circle
  • Veramendi Street

Sewer System Map