Pet Licenses & Registration

Register Your Pet

Rabies Vaccination Certificate

All dogs, cats, and ferrets must be registered annually with the City of San Marcos Animal Services Division as required by City Ordinance by the time they are 4 months of age. To register your pet and obtain a license you must be 18 years of age or older, provide a valid photo id and your pet’s current Rabies Vaccination Certificate (issued by a veterinarian).

The vaccination certificate should have the current owner(s) name, address, and phone number, as well as the pet’s name, age, brief description, spay/neuter status, date of vaccination, rabies tag number, and the veterinarian’s signature. Rabies Certificates that are missing any of this information will be considered invalid for the purpose of pet licensing and registration.

In Person Registration

Registration must be done in person at the San Marcos Regional Animal Shelter Adoption Center, 750 River Road, San Marcos, Texas 78666. A pet license will be issued in the form of a tag and should be affixed to your pet’s collar for quick identification should your pet ever become lost. We encourage owners to keep a collar and tags with current contact information on their pets at all times, even indoor pets. Most pets that are lost without identification are never reunited with their owners.

View a map and directions to our facility.

Registration & License Fees

Type of Animal/License
Intact Cat or Dog $28 annually
Spayed/Neutered Cat or Dog $7 lifetime

City of San Marcos Animal Services strongly encourages spaying and neutering all pets. View information on vaccination and spay/neuter services.