Discovery Arboretum Trail

An arboretum is a place for the study, display, and preservation of trees. Thanks to the community of Master Gardeners, Master Naturalists, local native plant enthusiasts, the Habitat Conservation Program, and other community members this place has evolved into the diverse and scenic spot it is today.

The Discovery Arboretum Trail will take visitors on a tour through a variety of native and adapted woody shrubs and trees. Some of the trees are mature while some are young and just beginning to establish and grow. The trail is located close to the Balcones fault-line and showcases many species of woody trees and shrubs that can grow on either the Blackland prairie or the Edwards plateau, covering a range habitats including riparian, mesic, and upland species.

The trail winds through the Discovery Center butterfly, bird, herb, grass, and cactus gardens that change beautifully with each season, highlighting plants that grow well in our region. Benches, fish ponds, rain catchment, and composting demonstration areas complement the trail, as does an insect hotel and a large old tree trunk. The insect hotel is home to native bees and other beneficial insects. The old rotten log is covered in fungi breaking down, demonstrating the cycle of decomposition and new life.

The Trail opened November 2018. It became a Level 1 Accredited Arboretum through ArbNet in January of 2019. This accreditation is important because the more you share and educate, the more valuable a resource becomes. ArbNet is an community of arboreta engaged in education, collaboration, and stewardship.

ArbNet Badge Level 1