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Gardening with Mushrooms

When the rains come, mushrooms visit our gardens, peering at us through the flowers reminding us of the mysterious world just below the soil surface. What are they doing there? Are they hurting my plants? Can I eat them? This class will address these questions and explore the relationships fungi have with plants and the greater ecosystem. We will cover some techniques improving our soils with fungi and other ways to incorporate them into our vegetable gardens and landscapes.

Veggie/Herb Garden

Join Alex at the Discovery Center to learn the ins and outs of growing vegetables and herbs in the spring. Learn about planting and harvesting times and about organic pest control basics.

Plant Propagation

Interested in growing your own plants? Come learn the process of plant propagation with methods ranging from starting seeds and cuttings to root division and air layering. Workshop includes lecture and hands on activities.

Ferment, Pickle & Preserve

Have you ever been curious about the fermenting process? Learn how with Alex as she shows you the ropes on how to best ferment, pickle, and preserve your vegetables! Learn how to make kombucha, pickles, kimchi and other fermenting delights!

Nature Made Fairy Houses

Fairy houses are nicely made with just natural materials you find. Build one for the garden at your home or to display in the Discovery Gardens. Some starting materials will be provided. You may choose to bring some natural materials from home. Twigs, stones, tree bark, leaves, feathers and seeds can make a whimsical structure for you and your garden friends to enjoy.

Edible Plant Walk

Take a walk with local edible plant expert, Adam Salcedo, to learn about how to identify, harvest and prepare wild edibles. Wild edible plants can be a valuable food both medicinally and nutritionally. You may be surprised of how many plants that are in your backyard to forage!

Compost 101

Want to learn how to combine yard waste and kitchen scraps to create valuable compost? Regularly adding compost to your garden or yard builds soil, reduces water consumption, and improves the health of your plants. Additionally, using kitchen scraps as a resource instead of trash saves you money and reduces the amount of methane coming from the landfills. Join Conrad to learn how you can start reaping the benefits of composting. Includes lecture and hands on activities.

Monarchs & Milkweed

Are you interested in creating your own monarch way station? Conrad and Eric will teach us about the importance of monarch conservation, including ways you can not only improve monarch and other native pollinators in Central Texas. If you are concerned about the decline in native pollinators, come learn how you can help save them.Age: Any

Master Composter

Come learn the ins and outs of composting as part of Texas’ Master Composter certification. Class includes 20 hours of lecture and field exercises. Walk away with a deeper understanding of the mysteries of compost production. $20 fee gets participants three great compost resources. Must email Amy Kirwin at to register.

Korean Natural Farming  

A technique of farming that ties in eastern philosophies. Learn about indigenous microorganisms that benefit the soils, plants, and environment. Substitute the use of harmful chemicals on crops and learn tricks and skills to practice sustainable farming.