Star Teen Program

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We would like to invite you to be a Star Teen for the library, where you will have the opportunity to receive volunteer hours! There are a number of ways you can receive credit. Look over the various options below and pick one to complete. 

We will keep track of and award you volunteer hours based on which activities you select. You are welcome to repeat activities, as long as the content is different each time. At the end of the semester we will email you a signed letter with your volunteer hours. If you need a letter each month to verify your volunteer hours, please let us know! 

To participate please have your parent or guardian fill out and sign the Star Teen Release Form, and email it to Pamela Carlile, at

When you complete one of the following volunteer opportunities, please submit your photos and paragraphs to our Teen Librarian, Pamela Carlile, at By sending us your content you are giving us permission to post any photos, text, or reviews on the library’s website and/or social media accounts. 

Children's Crafts - 2 Hours of Volunteer Service:

Find a tutorial for a craft that uses supplies that are easy for families to obtain. Make it, then email us a picture of your craft and a link to the tutorial. Write a few sentences that answer the following questions: Would this be a good craft for kids under 12? Why/Why not?

Alien Craft
Alien Craft Tutorial

Book Face - 1 Hour of Volunteer Service:

Take a photo of yourself strategically lining up your face or another body part alongside a book cover that features a matching body part, so that there appears to be a melding of life and art.

Book Face

Book Cover Challenge - 1 Hour of Volunteer Service:

Imitate your favorite book cover or character. Send us a picture.

Book Cover Recreation

Bookish Selfie - 30 Minutes to 1 hour of Volunteer Service:

Take a photo of yourself reading. Costumes, props, and creativity encouraged. 1 hour of volunteer service if you use costumes and props, or 30 minutes for just a regular selfie with a book.

Book Review - 30 Minutes of Volunteer Service: 

Write a paragraph telling us about what you're reading and if you would recommend it (earn an extra 30 minutes if you send us a selfie of yourself holding the book you’re reviewing).

Movie/TV Show Review - 30 Minutes of Volunteer Service:

Write a paragraph telling us about what you’re watching and if you would recommend it. 

Program Ideas - 30 Minutes of Volunteer Service:

Send us a paragraph with ideas for new programs you want to see at the library!