Hopkins Street Improvements - Moore to Guadalupe

The objective of this project is to reconstruct Hopkins Street from Moore to Guadalupe to be compliant with the Complete Streets Ordinance. Additionally, the scope of work consists of widening Comanche Street to add a dedicated left turn lane onto Hopkins Street to enhance intersection capacity and improve traffic operations and safety.


Preliminary engineering services for Hopkins Street Improvements from Guadalupe Street to Moore Street was initiated in January 2020. The services for this phase of the project included topographic and boundary/ROW survey, traffic analysis for the corridor, subsurface utility engineering, and preliminary engineering for the reconstruction of street, water, wastewater, stormwater, and electric infrastructure along Hopkins Street from Guadalupe Street to Moore Street and along Moore Street from Hopkins Street to Hutchison Street, an option for a southbound left turn lane along Moore Street at Hutchison Street, and an option for pedestrian improvements at the intersection of Moore Street and Hutchison Street.


For stakeholder/public consultation process, the City is planning to use an online platform i.e. “Social Pinpoint” website where San Marcos residents and stakeholders will be able to provide feedback on the preferred option for Hopkins Street. The City has also prepared a take home Toolkit package for Hopkins St Improvements project to facilitate comments in writing. Both Social Pinpoint website and take home Toolkit links will be provided here. Please stay tuned.


Project Schedule:


Preliminary Engineering – May 2021

Detailed Design – December 2022

Bidding Completion – September 2023

Construction Completion – September 2025


Hopkins Improvements - Moore to Guadalupe