Small Business Counseling Program

NOTE: This page is for informational purposes only regarding a future program.

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Are you looking for one-on-one, free support to build resiliency in your business? The City of San Marcos is gauging interest in a Small Business Counseling Program. Your feedback will help mold this new program.

Business owners who complete their subject course may be eligible to receive a stipend to implement the subject matter they have studied.

Please note: This program is proposed to be for businesses who meet the following criteria: 1) Open for business since January 1, 2020, with a physical presence within the taxing jurisdiction of the City of San Marcos (i.e., within the city limits), and 2) Employ 1-25 full-time employees. Small Business Counseling Interest Form.

¿Está buscando asistencia gratuita personalizada para desarrollar la resiliencia en su negocio? La Ciudad de San Marcos está evaluando el interés en un Programa de Consejería para Empresas Pequeñas. Sus comentarios ayudarán a desarrollar este nuevo programa.

Los dueños de negocios que completen su curso de asignaturas pueden ser elegibles para recibir un estipendio para implementar la materia que han estudiado.

Tenga en cuenta: Se propone que este programa sea para empresas que cumplan con los siguientes criterios: 1) Abierto desde el 1 de enero de 2020, con presencia física en la jurisdicción fiscal de la Ciudad de San Marcos (es decir, dentro de los límites de la ciudad) y 2) Emplear de 1 a 25 empleados a tiempo completo. 
Interés en Consejería para Empresas Pequeñas 


The purpose of this Small Business Counseling Program is to build resilient businesses in the City of San Marcos that are situated to succeed and grow in the face of future unexpected events such as a global pandemic, natural disaster, or economic recession. The program fills the gap where seminars and group training sessions do not address the unique problems that can affect a small business’ growth. To accomplish this goal, this program will offer technical, ready-to-apply assistance in key areas such as marketing/digital media, accounting/financial records, human resources/succession planning, and legal preparation. Additional financial support through a small stipend (<$1,500 per business) may be provided for businesses to implement the strategies learned through the program.