Various Drainage Improvements - 618

Project Name:   Various Drainage Improvements

Project Number:  618

Project Manager:  John Espinoza

Current Design Phase:  Varies per project area

Construction Estimate:  Varies per project area

Construction Start Year:  2022

Project Information:  The purpose of this project is to evaluate, design and construct new drainage improvements for areas with reported drainage issues.  Proposed improvements are considered small when compared to other City capital improvement projects (CIP).  The first phase of the project is to conduct engineering evaluations and develop recommendations to correct drainage issues.  

To date the following areas have been evaluated:

  • Crockett Elementary School & City Cemetery Area
  • Hutchison Street Drainage (Fire Station 1)
  • Harper Drive and River Road Area
  • Belvin Street Area
  • Bishop / Prospect Area
  • Water Quality Improvements (S LBJ near IH3 35)
  • South LBJ at Willow Springs Culvert Repair

The evaluation recommendations included either developing design documents and constructing or assigning the project area to a future CIP considering the availability of existing funds.  For the following areas, design documents are being prepared with construction to follow:

  • Bishop / Prospect Area
  • South LBJ at Willow Springs Culvert Repair
  • Craddock & Ditch Outfall (near Archie Street)
Various Drainage Projects - 618