Wreaths Across America - Map and Instructions

Wreaths placement photo

Thank you for helping to REMEMBER, HONOR, and TEACH on National Wreaths Across America Day.

You will find Veterans’ wreaths located in boxes next to the roadways throughout the cemetery. Please open the boxes, remove the wreaths and stack them when empty.

Please take a moment to SAY THEIR NAME ALOUD as you lay each wreath to keep their memory alive.

Proper Wreath Placement on Graves

Upright headstones - Place wreath propped against an upright headstone with the top of the wreath (bow) centered on the headstone. 

Flat headstones - Place wreath flat on ground with the top of the wreath (bow) centered at the base of the headstone.

In accordance with and out of respect for Jewish custom, we ask that you do not place wreaths on the headstones of servicemembers with a Star of David. Please take a moment to stop and say their name, but do not place a wreath. (Important: If you come to a headstone with a Star of David and a wreath is already placed there, please leave it as this may have been placed directly by family or friends.) Parents, guardians, and chaperones – Please communicate these instructions to your children participating today, to ensure they understand which gravesites should or should not receive a wreath.

Wreath Laying Procedure

1. Receive the wreath and approach the headstone.

2. Extend the wreath outward, offering it to the veteran.

3. Place the wreath centered at the headstone, with the bow at the top.

4. Say the veteran's name aloud.

5. Please do not remove any items already placed at headstones, such as other wreaths, flowers, and other tokens left by family or friends.

6. For military and cadets - render a slow salute or place a right hand over your heart.

Feel free to take a tag from the back of any wreath as a memento of your efforts today. With over 700 Veterans laid to rest at the City of San Marcos Cemetery, we couldn’t do this without you!

THANK YOU for helping us REMEMBER, HONOR, and TEACH on National Wreaths Across America Day!

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